Initial Concept Sketch
A CD Cover Design for a Friend's Band
(He wanted an 80's look so I ave to give a big nod here to Patrick Nagel and his amazing work)
And the Back of the CD

Illustration for Amazing Stories

Illustration for Jules Verne's short story
An Antarctic Mystery or
The Sphinx of the Ice Fields.
Created for a curated show in London, U.K. based on Verne's works.

Illustration for Amazing Stories entitled
"Worth Doing Wrong" by Brad Preslar.

Illustration for a short story, "Red Shift",
by R.S. Belcher published in Amazing Stories

Conceptual art for a musician.
A Photoshop illustration for
Smithfield dog treats.
A digital illustration created  in 3DS Max for a new book on spacecraft written by Ron Miller.
This is the proposed fusion-powered
Daedalus ship designed by the British Interplanetary Society.
An illustration in 3DS Max of the hypothetical (but likely) Planet X
lurking at the furthest reaches
of our Solar System.

Final illustration for  an article about the hazards of exploring Jupiter's inner moons due to its intense magnetic field for the U.K. publication, "All About Space".
Final illustration for  an article about exploring Titan for the U.K. publication,
"All About Space".

A quadcopter drone for exploring Titan ,
a moon of Saturn.
Another version of a quadcopter drone.
Submarine drone for exploring the
Kraken Mare on Titan.

A balloon for exploring the skies of Titan.
A close-up of Chariklo and its double ring system with shepherd moons.
Chariklo and its double ring system.

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