A Commission for a Friend
(He Wanted a Giant Walleye Attacking Toledo)
A Bird-Like Dragon
A Floating Island
Alice Amongst the Roses
A Bold Anteater
In the Hall of the Mountain king
Alien Plant Life
A Country Mouse Meets His City Cousin
 A Game of Cat and Mouse
An Afternoon Tea Party
An Elderly Dragon
I Think Your Face Rings a Bell!
Long Eyelashes
Can't Remember the Prompt!
A Monster and Its Weakness
A Carving Found in the Woods
A Space Mouse
Looking to Make That Jump
A Cowardly Pirate (Off Me Ship or the Parrot Gets It!)
Manta Rays (a la Miyazaki)
Pretty Much Speaks for Itself
A Cat's Dream (or Conversely a Dog's Nightmare)
An Animal Santa
Digging in the Garden
Alice and the Caterpillar
A Gnarly Tree
Herbert West, Reanimator
Tiny Thieves
A Musical Animal
A Path in the Woods
A Flying Animal
A Shoggoth (with Blind Giant Albino Penguins)
A Royal Dragon
An Old Wise Tree
Krampus 1
Avoiding the Rain
A Birthday Gift
Krampus 2
Climbing a Vine
Dressing a Hedgehog
A Decoy
Catching a Giant (Sort Of)
A Piano-Playing Animal
A Phoenix Rising
Talking Too Much (Based on a Folktale from Around the World)
An Alien Selling Street Food
Total Silence
Grey-Haired Hare
An Emperor Penguin
 A Monster Cleaning Its Teeth

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