Illustration in Photoshop for Wild Planet Toys.
Splash page for
Mascara applicator.
Product visualization for Hasbro.
An incandescent bulb.
A still from a Flash animation of a tummy tuck.
CFL Bulb modeled and rendered in 3DS Max.
Illustration for Amstan Logistics splash screen.
Pad demo.
Fari cell.
An illustration in Photoshop of the Arkham Aquarium.
Photoshop illustration of the "Legend of the Lambton Wyrm"
published in "Infected by Art 2".
Hypothetical Exoplanet.
Another hypothetical Exoplanet.
Illustration of a hot Jupiter exoplanet that orbits inside the atmosphere of its star.
An illustration for an article wondering where everybody is out there in the galaxy
and why aren't they answering?
A digital illustration for an article discussing the implications
of confirming alien life on religion.
A drop of detergent and a fiber.
Cover art and type design for "Edison's Conquest of Mars" reprint.
Concept art for clothes with integrated wiring systems for iPods.
An ad for a laser perimeter warning toy from Wild Planet Toys.
A digital illustration for H. P. Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu"
that was published in Spectrum 17.
An ad for Bounce.
A cover painting for a BattleTech game module from FASA.
Painting for "The Cold Wind of Valhalla" a sculpture kit designed by Dave Summers for the "Dragons by Design" series from Ral Partha.
Painting for a boxed set of dwarves for Ral Partha.
Cover art for a Palladium Books Robotech gaming module.
An oil of my best friend's dachshund, Willie.
A drowsy digital dragon.
Cthulhu Beach. Start of a new Lovecraft painting. Sort of an homage to N. C. Wyeth.

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